Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Modern MMA was born from 8 and even 16-man one night tournaments. The craziest was 1995's Absolute Fighting Championship 1, a one-day, 32-man Vale Tudo tournament in Moscow. Renzo then purple belt Ricardo Morais won it, and the $60,000 prize. The prize is another story.

Then tournaments died out for years. They are enjoying a comeback of sorts, but now remain with the strictures of the maximum five rounds mandated under the Unified Rules.

It was revived by Oklahoma's Battlegrounds MMA. Most recently the practice entered the top tier promotions, with Bellator MMA hosting a four-man one day event last month.

Now Ariel Helwani reports that WSOF executive vice president Ali Abdel-Aziz has announced an eight-man one day event in the lightweight division. Fighters will be:
Luis Palomino
Brian Foster
Mike Ricci
Islam Mamedov
Brian Cobb
Jorge Patino
Joao Zeferino
Rich Patishnock.

Winner gets a title shot at league champion Justin Gaethje. Brackets and special rules have not yet been announced, but expect two one round fights, and two rounds in the finals.

Nov. 20
Comerica Theatre
Phoenix, Arizona
Broadcast on NBCSN.