WWE takes shot at UFC on RAW

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

During the show, it put a graphic on the screen claiming that ‘Smackdown’, the company’s Friday night show on the Syfy network, had more than 10 times the amount of social media reaction on Nov. 16 as The Ultimate Fighter, which aired later the same night on FX.

The WWE regularly puts graphics on its broadcasts talking about beating other sports properties like the NBA and Major League Baseball in television ratings, social media engagement or web site hits. UFC is often mentioned within a grouping, but rarely does something on the graphic come across as a direct putdown in these “Did You Know” bumpers that play on WWE’s shows on Monday and Friday.

Both companies, for obvious reasons, will publicly state they are not competitors. For UFC, a company looking for credibility with the public as a major sport, it makes no sense for any comparisons to be made with pro wrestling which does far stronger television ratings. For WWE, it is the dominant force in its world, but when doing talks about business with media and other corporations its executives for the past seven years have been constantly asked questions about the UFC.

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