Wand: Stann was so close to beating me in the 1st

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Wanderlei Silva went into Saturday night’s fight in Japan having won just three fights out his last ten. The odds were well against him. So he executed a cautious, judicious gameplan – combining vertical pins on the cage with a smothering lay n pray.


Wanderlei Silva let it all go, winning in the second round. In the process, he got hit and took a knee several times in the first. In fact, he said in a post fight interview that he almost lost in that furious first.

“I don’t know what happens here in Japan, man,” said Silva. “The fans just give me a lot of energy. I’m so happy to make all my fans around the world happy. That’s why I fight. I fight for you. I’m here because of you and my God, so thanks for the great support.”

“I got out of the strategy in the first round a little bit, because he’s a tough guy. He was so close to beating me. After I finished the first round, my coach told me to the right hand, and it happened.”

“He’s a tough guy; Brian Stann is a great opponent. I’m so happy to fight a guy like him and to just make a fight like that. I’m there to fight. I’m not there to run. I love to fight with guys like that. Thanks so much to Brian Stann for fighting me.”

“This was a special fight. The guys at light heavyweight are so big. I don’t know what is going to happen next.”