War Machine: ‘I fight because I can’t have a boss’

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fighters choose to fight for a lot of different reasons. A lot of ex-college or international wrestlers fight because it gives them a chance to continue competing at a high level. Some athletes want to test themselves in the utlimate man vs. man competition, and others just want to get paid. War Machine, however, just can’t deal with working a 9-5 job:

“I want to fight Ben Askren for the belt,” he said. “That’s who I want to fight.”

One thing War Machine knows for sure after all this time is that he’s a fighter and he’s in the right profession.

If he can turn that into a title, all the better. But either way, the alternatives for making money don’t suit him.”I fight because I can’t have a boss,” he said. “I can’t drive in traffic every day and get up in the morning. I can’t do a 9 to 5. I can’t do a regular job. That’s really why I fight. In a way, that keeps me happy because I don’t have to do that. I don’t have to deal with that. My job is taking care of myself and keeping myself in shape. That definitely keeps me more happy than a regular job.”

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