War Machine goes OFF on state of MMA sponsorship

Thursday, June 06, 2013

War Machine ‏@WarMachine170
•My awesome sponsor @gardenofliferaw is gonna be giving out $50 in free product to all who take my seminar!! @genesisjiujitsu Be there!
•You know what, f— it, I AM gonna go buy a Lotto ticket! If I win I’m gonna give that money back to that @ufc guy who got his bonus stripped
•If you add stripes to your black belt you’re just like a peacock, or a puffer fish; trying to make yourself look bigger than you are #CHEESY
•Ain’t no one better than my coach Baret Yoshida, guess how many stripes he has? Zero. He don’t wear a gay ass “red belt” either.
•Just for the record @RowdyBec‘s hubby did not leave her because she tweets me too much, the @theUG is dumb, pretty sure she left him.
•F—!!! I didn’t even win the $50 million Lottery!!!
•Here’s a big F— YOU to all you cheap ass MMA sponsors out there, kill yourselves, we bust our asses in that cage for PENNIES, f— you.
•You f—ing clothing companies,promoters & managers get rich off of OUR pain and suffering ya’ll and have the nerve to nickel & dime us?
•In 2008 Sprawl paid me like $1200 (maybe more, I forget) to wear their shorts on a NON-televised fight, now they offer $500? JOKE!
•All of you dumb f— fighters need to start telling these companies to F— OFF! Don’t accept their low ball offers, make them pay us fair!
•I’ll wear a BLANK shirt, a BLANK hat and BLANK shorts-no they won’t be blank, they’ll say, “MMA SPONSORS ARE CHEAP F—S” on them all!
•EVERYONE in MMA is making money EXCEPT the f—ing fighters! I bet Arianny Celeste makes more f—ing money holding up a f—ing ring card!
•And ALL of you MMA fighters who are seeing my f—ing posts and AREN’T RT’ing them have no f—ing balls! You know I speak the truth.
•No wonder why Evan Tanner killed himself once his career was over, yeah I f—ing said it, it’s TRUE! How many more of us will do the same?
•Every fake ass fan that I “lose”, or that “unfollows” me is a f—ing BLESSING.