War Machine on WMMA, Fallon Fox and Whole Foods

Friday, April 05, 2013

Jack Brown Audio Interview – War Machine

War Machine, AKA Jon Koppenhaver, is a Bellator welterweight, who has also fought in the UFC and was a competitor on TUF 6.  War Machine’s talent as a fighter has, at times, been overshadowed by some of the more notable difficulties he has encountered personally and professionally.

Nevertheless, his infamy and experience have allowed him to have a certain candor that most fans can appreciate.  All of this also makes him uniquely suited to weigh in on a range of MMA’s hottest topics, and that is exactly what he did in his recent interview with Jack Brown. 

Please listen as War Machine discusses the following and more:

When his next fight with Bellator will be:
“It should be for sure in June.  I’m just waiting to see the exact date and what opponent they’re going to give me for the fight.”

If he will be getting a reality TV show:
“I don’t know, man.  One time I almost got selected for my own dating show…They got it down to three of us. It was like me, Roger Huerta, and Urijah Faber.”

What he thinks of Invicta and Women’s MMA:
“Bec Hyatt’s cool, man.  I hope she wins.  Women’s MMA, I have no problem with it.  Girls fight tough, dude…The only thing with women’s MMA, they’re still kind of like back in time. They’re still at like UFC 15. They’re not really super well-rounded yet.”

His take on Fallon Fox:
“That’s bull—.  That’s like if I cut off my dick and I go beat up Ronda Rousey…If you’re a man, you’re a man.  I don’t care if you cut off your ween and you call yourself a chick.”

Where he shops for his groceries:
“I’ll drive all the way to Whole Foods just because there’s so many chicks there, dude.”

Why he has a beef with Team Lloyd Irvin:
“I hated Lloyd Irvin since, I don’t know what year, ever since I fought Rashad Woods…That whole team acts like a bunch of punks…After the fight, Lloyd Irvin wouldn’t shake my hand…he disrespected me…mad-dogging me…I challenged him to a fight…I’m glad that it came out that he’s a scumbag and that he’s producing scumbags…I don’t know why anyone would ever support him.  Whatever.  People are brainwashed.”

Listen to the interview…

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