War Machine out of lock up, back in the gym

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7 weeks, wow, it’s really moving along quick! I think when I was filming The Ultimate Fighter 6 it took this long… let me tell you something, 7 weeks in jail is equal to 1 week in that house! No bullshit about it, that house was MISERABLE! I don’t know what it was but it makes you lose it! I remember Kendall Grove and Joe “Daddy” telling me how bad it would be. I thought, “They are trippin! How bad could it be?” You would never understand until you’re there… lol

Finally had to kick my celly out. Fool got on my last nerve. And not 2 hours later, I already got a new one sent in! Ain’t that a bitch!? I HATE living with people! Fuckers always making lil’ messes, snoring, and talking. I don’t like talking all the damn time. Dudes see me reading and yet still just wanna jaw on, WTF?

Finally getting back into decent shape in here. Too many weeks of eating cakes and being sedentary got me soft! LoL! Jail is so fucking BORING!! OMG! Thanks again for all the e-mails/letters. It really makes the time go by a bit smoother.

3 months done! Doesn’t seem like I’ve been here that long. I hope the next months fly by in the same way!

Thanks for your continuous support!

WM back in the muthafuckin house!!!!!! FUCk JAIL! Shit’s whack! I’m skinny/fat/pale! Need a tune-up! Can’t wait to train monday!

Thanks to all of you who stood by me sending emails/letters/books etc. It helped a lot! Weird to be out, doesn’t feel real. The year=blur

Can’t wait to scrap again!

I’m having a harder time my 1st day out than I did the whole year in jail. Hard to explain this fucked up feeling, feel like crying.

I have a lot of friends and a career to go to too…can’t imagine how hard it is for the guys who don’t have shit. No wonder 65%+ go back.

Can’t wait to train Monday. REALLY can’t wait to smash someones face my 1st fight back! I’m fucking pissed!

Last night was rough for me…really emotional: sad, angry, scared, worried..cried like a bitch too.Coming back from jail=harder than 1yr in

hard to explain…weird. Anyway, did some BJJ today felt great to train, got tired as shit but it’s to be expected. Startin to feel better 2

Gotta see my probation officer Wed. I really hope he isn’t a DICK. Fuck. I don’t want any problems. I just want to train/teach/fight.

I had Pho tonight…shit was bomb! Been craving it all year! lol My sleeping pattern is jacked too! WTF!? Wifee is knocked out!

@philbaroni Yeah man, that shit was boring and a waste of time. Only good was I can do 35 pullups now and I read some cool books. Miss u man

Man am I rusty as fuck sparring! Timing is all off..holding my breath.Can’t wait to be normal again! It’s disheartening feeling so shitty!

And of course my stubborn ass isn’t easing into training..lol Sore as hell! Insomnia too…grr! Sparring tomorrow again hopefully do better!

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