Watch 1st Calf Slice in UFC history

Sunday, January 29, 2012

In MMA you don’t what is going to happen. That is why you have the fight.

The first fight ever shown on FOX, Velasquez vs. Dos Santos, was too short. The second set of fights shown on FOX were too long, without a single KO or submssion. But the undercard on FUEL offered spectacular finishes, including a H— F—— S— calf slice, the first in UFC history.

“I didn’t create that,” said Charles Oliveira of the Unique Technique of the Year candidate he sunk on  Eric Wisely. “My teacher taught me that. The MMA world has a lot of submissions like that and I train hard for that in this position. I started with a heel hook and he defended, I went to the knee bar and he defended and then I got the calf lock. I never did this before in tournaments but I train every day this position in the gym.”

The submissions earned Olveira an additional $65,000 for Submission of the Night.

Said Vinny Magalhaes, via Twitter, “Wow,I don’t know what surprised me the most.The calf slicer submission, or someone tap to that. I mean, I didn’t even know that s— worked.”

Brief demonstration of the Calf Slice from The History Channel’s Human Weapon: