Watch Dogs: An inside look at the highly anticipated next generation title

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Recently I had a chance to check out the gameplay in Ubisoft's highly anticipated new game, Watch Dogs.  The title is set to be released for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and even a mobile adaptation but the real focus is on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms as this was designed largely for the ‘next generation’ consoles. This title is raising the curiosity and hopes of a lot of gamers.  While at first glance Watch Dogs may appear to be Ubisoft’s answer to Rockstar’s popular Grand Theft Auto series, a deeper look shows the similarities are only skin deep.  While many seasoned gamers may be familiar with the open world city structure, fast driving and gun play they will be in for an entirely different treat and skill to master with the introduction of the innovative hacking system in which Watch Dogs gameplay is centered around.

In Watch Dogs you play as Aiden Pierce, a cutting edge hacker with a gritty background whose past has come back to haunt him leaving tragedy in it's wake.  Plagued by guilt Aiden puts his considerable hacking, driving and combat skills to the test in a quest for justice and revenge.

While the game has the feel of a cyberpunk thriller the dark, gritty reality of how technology can invade and control our lives is at the front and center of this ambitious gaming experience.  As Aiden, you will find yourself in the city of Chicago.  A city controlled by a super computer that handles many of the tasks that help a city run smoothly like security cameras, traffic lights, monorails, ATM machines and even other peoples cell phones.

Your main weapon in your mission is your cell phone which you use to hack and control various devices in the city.  While involved in the main mission the player must beware, at anytime another player can hack your game and enter your world with the intention of hacking and stealing your information.  You must find them and stop them before they are successful or try your luck as an invader.

Like Ubisoft’s hit Assassin Creed games, you can blend in seamlessly with the people around you and use stealth and cunning tactics to stalk your prey, hide from your enemies and scout out targets. How you play will affect you throughout your entire experience.  Your actions will determine what kind of picture the media paints of you and how the police and citizenry will react if they recognize you, will you be the vigilante hero they've always wished for or the masked villain of their nightmares?

In Watch Dogs, the choice is entirely up to you.