Weidman: Anderson Silva is ducking me

Sunday, October 14, 2012

“I just feel like some way or another, Anderson Silva is not fighting me,” Weidman told MMAjunkie.com. “I honestly don’t feel like it’s going to happen.”

“He can downplay me all he wants,” Weidman said. “He can say whatever he wants about me, but I beat two top-5 guys in the world. Nobody has ever done that in the history of the UFC. Now I’m set to fight Dec. 29 agains Timt Boetsch, and that’s going to be three top-5 guys in a row if I’m able to beat him. There’s no one that’s ever done that.

“I took a lot of risks to get where I am this short into my career. It’s not like I just got here magically. I beat some good guys. I put myself in short-notice fights against top guys in the world. It’s not easy, and I was hoping it would pay off and get my shot against Anderson, but he’s ducking me.”

“I know I can beat Anderson,” Weidman said. “I got into this sport, and he was the champion at 185 pounds. He looked just as impressive then as he does now. I got into this sport knowing I could beat him from day one. I think I’m a terrible, terrible matchup for him. I think everybody knows it.

“I’m not getting my hopes up. I got my hopes up when they offered him the fight and they decided he wanted to wait until 2013 and not fight me. I’m just focused on Tim Boetsch on Dec. 29, and whatever Anderson Silva is going to do, he’s going to do. I just hope the stars align and he accepts the fight when the time comes.”

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