Weidman: I’d still beat him again

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Today new UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman joined Ariel Helwani on ‘The MMA Hour’ and discussed his UFC 162 bout at length. He reiterated his game plan going into the fight, how he felt mid-fight, and how he sees a rematch going should it happen:

“I’m not here to change other people’s opinion but I’ll tell you one thing: he did not give me the belt, he did not throw the fight,” Weidman said. “It was nothing like that. He was doing exactly what he does in all his fights. He had his hands down, he was trying to mentally defeat me, make me freeze, make me feel like I didn’t deserve to be in the ring with him. I didn’t want to let him do that. I wanted to put him in his place, and that’s it.”

Weidman said that even in victory, he does not feel like he put on his best performance, citing a “sluggish” feeling possibly due to his one year off, as well as some mistakes in his submission game that he felt could have ended the fight even earlier. But he also has no regrets. He went for victory at every turn and never let the great Silva break him.

And if they do build a sequel, the new champion says his thoughts about Silva next time around will not change a bit.

“I think he’s still unbelievable, I think he’s still the greatest of all time, and I think I’d still beat him again,” he said.

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