Weidman: Losing is not even a thought

Sunday, September 29, 2013

UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman recentlly conducted an interview with MMAMania. In it, he discussed how life has changed since dethroning Silva at UFC 162, buying a new house, and remaining grounded.

While some still call the win a fluke, Weidman endured multiple surgeries and extensive damage to his house during Hurrican Sandy. He says this time, he will be better.

“There were a lot of things going on behind the scenes,” said Weidman. “I just know I’m going to be in a lot better place for this next fight.”

“I know people are saying ‘the angry Anderson Silva, the serious Anderson Silva is going to be coming out. If you think that intimidates me or it makes me second guess myself at all, that’s just not where my mind is at.”

“I have a lot I know I haven’t shown in a fight yet. I have a lot of things I do in the gym that I’m still working on to gain the confidence to do in the ring and for this fight. There could be a lot of new things you see.

“I think for sure you haven’t seen the best Chris Weidman.”

Weidman was then asked what Anderson Silva will be seen at the UFC 168 rematch on Dec 28.

“He has had so many fights at this point, ever time he is in there I think he is as creative as you can be,” said Weidman. “He is very relaxed. I expect the unexpected. Every time I have fought, I’m not too worried about what there doing. I’m worried about what I’m doing. So, honestly it doesn’t matter.”

“Anderson has been in the game so much longer than me, he has accomplished so much more than I have. He’s done a lot great things for the sport and for the UFC. So he deserves that kind of respect where people can’t believe that he actually lost the first time and they aren’t going to believe that he lost a second time.”

But what if it is Weidman who loses?

“Yeah, I’m not losing,” said Weidman. “So that’s not even a thought.”

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