Wes Sims: I had a gun pointed at my head in Bulgaria

Monday, July 09, 2012

Wes Sims said that there was a fix in with his fight against Lyubo Simeonov at MaxFight Warriors 28 in Bulgaria, unbeknownst to him. Sims just wanted to get paid and go home to his family, than then…

“(Ken) Pavia came up to me and was talking about how close of a fight it was and went on and on. He then said ‘They don’t have all the money, they will have to pay you on Monday’. So I asked Pavia ‘On Monday? Today is Saturday, why is that?’ Pavia replied that the banks were closed on Sunday and Sims would get paid on Monday.”

“I then told Pavia to get me all my money before he left, cause I knew he was leaving on Sunday. So Sunday I stayed in my room and never really came out.”

“After I said I wanted my money, (the promoter) threw down not even a third of what I was supposed to get paid. I said this wasn’t all of it. He started writing down numbers and then said that he paid Pavia and he left with my money. I know he didn’t cause I talked to him and he detailed how much you gave him and here’s how much you still owe me. Finally he said he needed two hours and they would get my money.

“Two hours later they called me and said they were going to take me to go get me my money. I asked why they couldn’t just get it and bring it back, but they insisted on me going with. So I realized it was 6pm and that the banks were probably closing at that point. I ask about this and they said they weren’t going to take me to a bank, but instead a Western Union.

“I get in the car, they say they are waiting for one more person. I turn around to put my seatbelt on and that’s when I heard it. Click click. There’s a gun pointed to my head. I start freaking out asking what’s going on. He says ‘no money’. I reply to keep it and to just let me live and let me out of the car. At this point they take off and all I am thinking was that I was going to get killed in Bulgaria. Then I thought I would have to fight these guys in the car, knowing that most of them had guns. Finally they put the gun down and he says ‘Bulgarian joke’. I was like joke, I damn near shit my pants.”

“So we get to the Western Union, Andre comes out and hands me money and it isn’t all there. It was short. I said it wasn’t and he said that it was all they would give me and if I wanted more, I would get it later. After that joke, I decided I just wanted to get back to the hotel and not press the issue so we went back to the hotel.

“The guy who had the gun at my head earlier, tried to give me Bulgarian money but it was still short a lot. He then told me he was going to pick me up at 5:30 AM to take me to the airport. I told him ok, that we would talk later. I then went and made my own arrangements and was at the airport by 3 AM.”

The fight has now officially been ruled a draw.

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