Wes Sims: The fix was in at Bulgarian fight

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

I’m Back, I’m Alive

From: Big Wes
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Well… It’s been a minute since I posted on here and wanted to let people know what has been going on in my life for the last few years.

My last couple fights I took out of financial need and as we can all agree I didn’t look good and honestly shouldn’t have stepped into the cage. Well, within the last two years my life has settled down; my son is almost 2, my body has healed and I made the proper financial decisions in order to get back into the gym and make the people that have always stood by me proud.

So I took a long time off and I was really hitting the gym hard when I got a call from an agent. I was offered a fight in Bulgaria against a guy that was the former muscle for the country’s cocaine trade. I was a little hesitant to take the bout but I knew I was prepared physically and deserved this fight.

I saw a few of his fights and I knew that I could beat him; little did I know I was going to be involved in a fixed fight.

I gave a tell all interview to MMARecap.com. PLEASE read it and help all future people that are approached by this organization know what complete and total pieces of s— these people are.

On June 16th, Wes Sims took on Lyubo Simeonov at MaxFight Warriors 28. It was his first fight back since losing to Bobby Lashley in January of 2010. The fight was not one he was supposed to win.

Once Sims walked out, he started to realize some things weren’t adding up. He looked across at the referee who as it turns out was also the match maker, the promoter, and the money guy behind the promotion. But it didn’t fully sink in as he was focused on the fight in front of him.

Sims brought the fight to Simeonov. He immediately landed several jabs. Then Sims ducked under and shot for the takedown. The action was pressed against the ropes of the ring, and Simeonov grabbed the top rope and used the momentum to springboard Sims to the ground and land in mount. The action was restarted in the center of the cage, and Simeonov was given one of Sims’s arms at the restart, but Sims slammed his way out of it. Simeonov attempted a triangle, but Sims was able to escape and worked ground and pound. As time ran out in the round, Sims attacked his arm with a standing kimura attempt.

“You have 60 seconds in between rounds,” said Sims. “When one minute was up, I stood up and went to the center of the ring and said ‘Come on! Come on Lyubo get up!’ Lyubo was shaking his head no, like he didn’t want to go on. His entire corner got in the ring, dumping water on him. They were trying to pick him up off his stool and he kept saying no to his corner. The referee went to the side and turned his head to look away and Lyubo was given at least a minute and a half, if not two full minutes to recover.”

“He refused to get out of his corner at the start of the second so I ran over to attack. I slipped and rolled my ankle. I went to kick and I couldn’t, he went to kick and I fell on my ass. I wanted to get up, but Lyubo would step in every time I tried to be able to get more recovery time. Finally he jumped down into my guard. I grabbed his leg and went for his ankle. He fell back, grabbed my leg and the ref stopped it.”

“This reporter came in (after the fight) and she was telling me how everyone thought it was a fixed fight. Apparently while I was fighting, I was offered about 20,000 euros which would have been close to $40,000 to fix the fight in the second round. I told the reporter that I wasn’t aware that it was a fixed fight and then I started to recall several things that weren’t right about the fight including the time between rounds, Lyubo grabbing the ropes, and most of all the fact that I didn’t even tap when he grabbed my ankle.”

While the fight was initially ruled in favor of Simeonov, reports are coming in that pressure from the local media and other promotions are forcing the sanctioning body to change the result. As such the fight is likely going to be ruled a draw.

Read entire article…

(fight starts at 4:27 mark)