Wes Sims responds to MaxFight rebuttal

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wes Sims recently competed in MaxFight Warriors 28, in Bulgaria. He came on The Underground and related that he felt the fight was fixed against him. In a following piece on MMARecap, he counted that when he went to collect his purse, a gun was aimed at his head, apparently in jest.

Then MAXFIGHT Executive Director Yordan Petkov responded.

Sims has again come on The Underground to make his case.

Clearing the Air

From: Big Wes
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I wanted to post this in order to not only clear up any issues or questions in regards to my trip to Bulgaria but also bring closure as to who the real a——s are.

First off, I have been around this sport for a very very long time and have seen/been involved in quite a bit in my travels and want to bring awareness to the s—bag-ery that I experienced while fighting for Max Fight BG.

I understand that there is a bit of confusion for the common fan so please follow my insights as to what I see and thoughts on the fight. Being that I was directly involved, I understand that at times emotion can enter into a situation and make something that might be normal apear a little askew to those participating. If I am wrong, I will absolutely apologize to not just the promotion but everyone else that’s on this forum that has taken their time to read my story.

Prior to the fight this happened
please keep the above in mind prior to reading the transcript of the fight.

My insight in regards to the fight can be followed using their video on youtube.

4:54 I went for a takedown and Lyubo grabbed the top rope to not just stop the takedown but also place himself in the mounted position, the referee/moneybacker/matchmaker of the show did nothing to correct the situation (not even a warning or a standing restart).
5:17 Lyubo is on the bottom while I am starting to work, ref stops actions due to us being close to the ropes and started us in the center of the ring and reposition his arms to tie mine up (armbar soon follows).
6:10 directly in front of the referee/moneybacker/matchmaker Lyubo grabs my shorts in order to use them to change his positioning (nothing was said).
6:58 Lyubo is in the same spot as he was at 5:17 but is looking for a triangle and ref does nothing to reposition us.
8:18 I delivered an accidental low blow, I acknowledged my error, the referee/moneybacker/matchmaker does not give a warning, rather he takes a full point (hence the thumb’s down).
9:40 I received a low blow from Lybo referee/moneybacker/matchmaker does nothing
9:46 Lyubo tried to push me over the top rope (while grabbing onto the ropes for leverage), not a warning or a restart given
9:54 I go for a kimura , Lybo’s right hand is grabbing the rope while his left hand has a fist full of my shorts, directly infront of the referee/moneybacker/matchmaker of course nothing is said or done.
10:00 ref hears me yelling at him about the rope and knocks Lyubo’s hand off of the rope. I turn him to the other side of the corner while he has a fistful of my shorts and he grab’s the other side’s ropes directly in front of the referee/moneybacker/matchmaker… nothing.
10:08 I’m livid and start yelling at the ref and rather than knock his hand off of the rope or my shorts he looks over the foul to check my grip to make sure everything is ok… Lyubo keeps this position until the round runs out.
End of round one, Lyubo is dead tired and according to my corner (local Bulgarian) he is telling everyone that he no longer wants to fight and quits…
The local press wrote a few articles about the extended time given to Lyubo in between the rounds and they claim he was given over 1:30. I am having someone scan the article for me and will post it here for you guys the minute I get it.
After 1:15 (roughly) in between rounds I started yelling at the ref to either start the fight or call it, rather than addressing the issue he walked to Lyubo’s corner talked to them and then walked to a neutral corner until Lyubo was ready to fight again, odd on how this is the footage that’s heavily edited.
In between rounds Lyubo’s corner was dumping tons of water on him and when the bell rang he refused to leave his corner.
10:45 I go towards Lyubo and slipped on the water from his corner (nothing was even attempted to be wiped up), that’s when I slipped, I rolled my ankle.
11:30 I shrieked and I absolutely 110% tapped out after Lybo falling/grabbing my foot, without a doubt that happened. At the same time you will see the referee/moneybacker/matchmaker helping raise Lyubo up while holding up the #1 sign and enjoying the celebration.

After the fight I was shorted my money and a gun was placed against my head

2 days ago, this fucking idiot referee/moneybacker/matchmaker, releases a statement that I was a loser and that even though Lyubo was at only 30% going into the fight that he found a way to win and that he was the true champion (is that what an impartial official does…?).

I also have video available of me spitting on the “tour guide” and throwing her out of the car after we got set up and robbed by the police, if you guys want to see the video someone post their email address and I will send it to you in order to post it here.

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