Wessel says wife faked cancer, starting at TUF 10 to create drama

Thursday, October 14, 2010

“Just recently, around six months ago when I left (her), when I just finally said I’m done, it was after, I found out through her doctor it wasn’t cancer, it was just a normal check-up,” Wessel said on the show.  “She just said that for drama, and she’s just a pretty manipulative person and it really sucked that I found that out.

“When I was talking to her doctor on the phone, because things were coming to a head and I just kind of investigated a little bit on my own, I just went silent.  Literally, everything went in slow motion like my whole world stopped, because for 2 ½ years I have been dealing with this woman acting like she’s sick, acting like she was going to these doctors’ appointments, and really she never had anything wrong with her.  It was almost disgusting.”

Wessel’s domestic situation, or what it appeared to be, created one of the bigger talking points during the TUF 10 season.

The fighter was denied any contact with the allegedly ailing Kelly, whom he believed was to undergo cancer surgery while he was sequestered.  Meanwhile, Kimbo Slice had numerous people in attendance for his fight with Roy Nelson.

“What really set me off was – and I know it wasn’t Kimbo’s fault – the day Kimbo fought Roy, Kimbo’s posse and wife was there,” Wessel said.  “After I lost, that kind of threw me over the edge.  I went in the deep end and (said) screw it, I’m going to drink and everything else.

“Her family, when they watched that episode of the show, were all like, We had no clue,” Wessel said.  “That’s what kind of tipped me off, because her family knows everything about our relationship and about her.  They had no clue she even said that to me.  So it’s pretty disgusting.”

Despite the flag being raised, it was a while thereafter before Wessel turned detective.  He was clued in when he saw a bunch of medical bills upon returning home from a trip.

“After my (Feb. 26) fight in Canada for the CFC, I came home and there (were) bills, all kind of messed up together,” Wessel recounted.  “I have insurance, but the medical bill was being paid.  It turned out it was a normal gynecologist when I called.

“We weren’t divorced yet and we were trying to be separated but we kept being back together because she said was sick, she needed my help.  I was thinking, What kind of man am I?  I’m gonna leave my wife when she’s sick?  She’s always been sick, there’s always a situation.  I’m having a gut-check to myself going, Really, what kind of a person are you?  You going to leave her when she needs you the most?”

Content no longer to accept the disease as fact, Wessel picked up the phone.

“I looked at the letter, so I called and said I got the results for my wife’s tests and I’d like to talk to the doctor about it,” he said.  “At first, he kind of was a little reserved telling me what was going on.  But then I said I just want to know if she’s going to have surgery for the cancer again. He goes, Mike, I don’t do surgery for that stuff.  I’m a normal gynecologist.  I do check-ups, and make sure there is no cancer, make sure she’s functioning fine for (having) kids.

“I was like, So, are you telling me she doesn’t have cancer?  He’s like, Yeah, she’s never had surgery.  She’s good to go.  She’s fine.”

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