What happened to Mark Miller v. Deray Davis?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

During the undercard portion of Saturday’s Strikeforce show the Mark Miller v. Deray Davis fight was skipped over from it’s scheduled slot to make sure the women’s bout would have adequate time to get in before the start of the CBS broadcast.  The ladies only took a few minutes to get their fight taken care of and there were thirty minutes left before the show went live.  Still, the Miller/Davis fight didn’t happen.  We were told in the media section that the fight was going to be moved to after the main event.  I’m not sure who provided that update but it was passed around from media member to media member.

After the post-Fedor madness cleared from the cage we were told to get upstairs for the press conference and it was clear that the Miller/Davis fight wasn’t taking place.  I tried to ask the few executives I saw walking around for the story and no one seemed to know.

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