What is next for Vitor Belfort?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Vitor Belfort gave Dan Henderson the first KO of his 17 year career Saturday night. It was also the first time in UFC history anyone score three kick KOs in succession. Belfort is now in line for a huge fight. But with who?

For Belfort, the answer is open and shut.

“I’m looking forward now for the winner of Anderson Silva and Weidman,” said ‘The Phenom’ as transcribed by MMAFighting. “Dana is the one who will make the call and I just gotta be ready. I told them I’ll be ready.”

For his part, the man making the call was making no 100% guaranteed promises, beyond that it would be big. While Belfort vs. the Weidman vs. Silva winner is apears to be the plan, this is a sport in which plans change.

“Big things for Vitor Belfort. Big night,” said White at the UFC Fight Night 32 post-fight press conference as transcribed by MMAFighting. “He did something no one has ever done in 39 fights, he stopped Dan Henderson.”

“Vitor’s a completely different fighter than he was when he was younger. He’s mentally there, he’s physically there, he’s more well-rounded, I’m blown away by tonight’s performance. We’ll see what’s next.”

“You never know what happens here. That Weidman-Silva fight happens, someone gets hurt and they’ve sidelined, you just never know what’s going to happen.”

“You’ve got the Chris Weidman-Anderson Silva rematch. That has to happen, but, yeah, Vitor Belfort. Weidman, Silva, Machida, there’s a lot of big fights out there for Vitor Belfort… There’s nothing but big fights for Vitor. Imagine if we do Anderson Silva vs. Vitor belfort again? You can do that in a soccer stadium here.”

There have been suggestions that Vitor Belfort is not fighting in the USA, specifically Las Vegas, because he tested positive for PEDs there, and thus is unlikely to receive a Testosterone Use Exemption by the Nevada Athletic Commission. White denied emphatically that that is an issue.

“The people who talk about him fighting in the United States talk a lot of s–, don’t they?” asked White. “They talk s— but they want to see Vitor fight in the United States. Vitor could fight in the United States now. There’s no reason why he couldn’t fight in Las Vegas no matter what Keith Kizer says.”

So who do you want to see Vitor Belfort fight next and who do you think it will be? The winner of Silva vs. Weidman? Anderson Silva even if Silva loses the rematch? Or Lyoto Machida?