When We Were Bouncers: Jerry Trimble

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Actor/stuntman/fighter Paul “The Mauler” Lazenby has an awesome new Facebook page – When We Were Bouncers. Every Monday he presents a crazy new story from former security personnel who went on to become actors, fighters, comedians, pro wrestlers, stuntmen and other standouts in their chosen fields.

Recently he sat down with former American Rules kickboxing star and PKA world champion Jerry “Golden Boy” Trimble. Originally a Taekwondo fighter, Trimble looked  for the toughest competition he could find, when then was kickboxing. If there was MMA not PKA was “the kick of the 80s” you can bet Trimble would have been in the cage.

After retiring in 1990, Trimble moved to Hollywood, California to pursue an acting career. To date, he has starred in over thirty-five television and feature film productions, with career highlights that include trading blows with Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 3 and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in The Package.

MY FIRST BOUNCING GIG WAS in Los Angeles around ’91 or ’92, at a place called Sneakers in Redondo Beach, California. I was in good shape, about 165 pounds at the time, and I had retired [from professional fighting] but was getting ready to come out of retirement. I was training at [legendary kickboxing champion Benny Urquidez’] Jet Center, and Benny wanted to put me on the American kickboxing team to fight in Thailand. I was all for it but then movies started happening, so I figured [the comeback] wasn’t meant to be.

Anyway, on my first night at Sneakers, the manager came up to me and said, “I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do — we’re gonna have you be the ‘good time guy’”. Right away I was thinking, “What the fuck is a ‘good-time guy?’” (laughs) He said, “It’s a great role in our establishment — you’re still gonna be a bouncer and back the other guys up, but you’re also going to walk around with roses and candy and other gifts to give to the pretty ladies in the club.” So I said, “Oh, okay”, in my head I’m thinking, “You’ve gotta be kidding me — I just wanna be a bouncer, this is ridiculous!” 

But it actually ended up being pretty cool. I’d go up to ladies and also couples, carrying a big basket of roses. I’d introduce myself, hand out roses, and make sure everybody was having, well, a good time. As far as my security duties were concerned, I had to keep my ears open for a “Code Red” call, which meant a fight in whatever section — this was a huge place so they had it divided into sections. 

Sure enough I eventually hear, “Code Red, Section Nine” on my radio — but it’s my first night, so I’m looking around the room and counting off the sections trying to figure out which one is Nine! (laughs) Then I hear [a commotion] on my left, so I put my flowers down and bolt over there where I see a big Samoan guy fighting with another one of the customers. He KOs the other customer, then knocks out one of our bouncers who came up to try and stop him. Now, the staging of this club has different levels and I’m on a level that puts me higher than the Samoan guy, so I leap off of it and over some chairs to hit this guy right in the chest with a flying side kick! He goes flying back into a railing and falls to the ground, then gets up with his back to me. So I leap on him and grab the rails on either side of him, trying to keep him pinned there. He’s leaning back and trying to head-butt me as I’m hanging on and trying to subdue him by kneeing him in the side and in the ass! 

Finally, the other bouncers show up and say, “Okay, let him go, we got him!” I ask ‘em, “Are you sure?”, and they say, “Yeah, let ‘im go!” So I let go and run back a couple of steps, and then the Samoan guy goes CRAZY! He starts hittin’ the bouncers and they’ve got NO CLUE how to handle the situation. I’m floating around the outside, looking for a spot to jump back in again while the bouncers barely manage to drag him to another section of the club. A spot finally opens when he knocks one bouncer down and throws another one off, so I go around behind him and wrap my arm around his neck and head. I wasn’t choking him on purpose because I didn’t know jiu-jitsu or any of that stuff back then, I was just grabbin’ the guy and got lucky.

He smashes me back against a table but that just sinks the choke deeper, and then I jump up and wrap my legs around him, squeezing with everything I’ve got. Then he falls back on top of me — BOOM! — and it hurts, but after that I’m thinking, “Okay, now I’ve got ‘im”. The bouncers are all standing over me and I’m telling them, “Get the fucking cops, get the fucking cops!”, because this is the second time I have this guy and I sure as hell don’t want to let him go until the cops arrive. But once again they tell me, “No, let him go, this time we’ve got ‘im!” I didn’t want to do it but they refused to call the cops, so finally I said, “Okay” and let the guy go. 

Well, the Samoan gets back up and just starts fuckin’ WAILING on the bouncers again! I back up and watch and it’s CHAOS, the guy’s going NUTS. Then I see the manager waiting by the front door for the cops to come, and so I go and get my flowers and then I walk over to the manager and say, “You know what? Here’s your flowers — F— YOU. Your guys have no idea what they’re doing, and I’m done — I quit!”

Thankfully, [my movie career] picked up shortly after that and I was doing an average of three gigs a year, so I didn’t need to go back to that bullshit! (laughs)

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