When We Were Bouncers: Jonathan Goulet

Monday, October 21, 2013

Actor/stuntman/fighter Paul “The Mauler” Lazenby has an awesome new Facebook page – When We Were Bouncers. Every Monday he presents a crazy new story from former security personnel who went on to become became actors, fighters, comedians, pro wrestlers, stuntmen and other standouts in their chosen fields.

In his latest, he profiles Canadian MMA pioneer and nine-time UFC veteran Jonathan “The Road Warrior” Goulet, who has only three decisions in 35 pro fight, and four times has KOed his opponent in under 30 seconds.

it all started while working the door at one of Montreal’s livelier nightclubs.

This story is the reason I became an ultimate fighter. In 1999 I was working in a club in my hometown of Victoriaville, and one night I kicked a guy out and it went really bad for him. But when I came back into the bar, four bikers who were his friends jumped at me — and it wasn’t like in the Jean-Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal movies. When guys fight you in real life, they don’t jump at you one at a time like in the movies. It was four guys, four big guys, and they all punched me at the same time.

I got knocked down and I fell between a metal door and a brick wall, and they began opening the door over and over, slamming head between the door and the wall. They were kicking my whole body, my face — the other bouncers came to help me but it was already too late. By that time I needed an ambulance.

I managed to get up and walk to the ambulance but I could not walk straight, I felt like I was drunk. I actually laughed, and said, “So this is what it’s like to be beaten up by four guys!” (laughs)

I knew then that watching Jean-Claude movies and Seagal movies was not enough to teach me to defend myself, so I decided to learn Jiu-jitsu and MMA, first at Team Legion and then later with Team Tristar.


A few months later at the same club, it was closing time and I was telling everyone it was time to leave. While I was doing that I clapped my hands very loud. But these biker guys who were standing right in front of me were strapped, and very jumpy, and one guy quickly put his hand into his pants and looked at me very aggressively.

Thankfully, I knew the guy and I called him by his name and talked to him, and he and his friends calmed down. But then another bouncer with bigger hands than mine clapped again, “C’mon guys, let’s go!” and the guy in front of me pulled a gun out of his pants and put it against my temple! He looked at me and said, “I have enough rounds for all of the bouncers here — now just give me five minutes and I’ll finish my beer and leave.” Of course I told him he can have all the time he wants, and he calmed down right away. In fact, he was so calm that when he took the gun away from my head, he showed it to me — and I had to admit it was a beautiful gun. (laughs)

A couple of minutes later he finished his beer and told all his friends that it was time to go. After they left I was standing there thinking “What just happened?” Man, I almost peed in my pants!

A week later it was my birthday, and again I saw that same guy in the club. This time he was jumping at a friend of mine, so I grabbed his neck, choked him out and threw him out of the club. I was worried that he might come back later, but thank god nobody saw him around after that. In fact, he just disappeared — maybe he made too much noise in the bikers’ world, maybe he died or went to jail, I don’t know.

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