White: 2nd chance for Chael depends on how he handles this

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

UFC president recently spoke with Heidi Fang for MMA Fight Corner and discussed former fighter and commentator Chael Sonnen. “The Gangstger from Oregon” recently retired as a fighter, and was released from his broadcasting contract with the both FOX and the UFC, following the failure of two surprise tests for PEDs.

“What is your stance on everything that has happened with Chael,” asked Fang.

A resigned White answered.

“It breaks my heart,” he said. “I care about Chael very much. Me and Chael have had a very good relationship. Behind the scenes, he's a great guy.

“And he had four banned substances in his body… The relationship that I have with him, when he took the test, I would expect him to come to me and say 'Hey, listen, I've got some bad news for you.' It sucks.”

Fang then inquired about the possibility of a second chance down the line.

“I care about the guy very much, and hopefully… you know, it all depends on how he handles it. America's a very forgiving place for guys who do the right thing. And you see what happens with the guys who dig their heels in and try to battle – it doesn't work out well for them.”

(6:00 min mark)