White: Biggest FU to NY politicians is not coming to NY

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

After the UFC 159 post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White discussed the failure of NY to pass a bill regulating mixed martial arts, for four years running. The bill soared through the Senate by a 47-14 vote, and has received positive reviews from the Governor, but is being frozen in place.

“It’s just ridiculous,” said White.  “We get more votes (In the Senate) than we got last year.  It’s just to the point now where it’s just absolutely ridiculous.”

“It’s the Culinary Union. The culinary union bused a bunch of people up to Albany last week to try to protest up there.  It’s 100 percent the Las Vegas Culinary Union. It’s being held up because the Las Vegas Culinary Union is that powerful in New York.”

White is being pressed to respond, but he reminded that the best way to get back at politicians trying to keep the UFC out of New York is to keep the UFC out of New York.

“You know what you do, and I don’t like to say this, because there’s a lot of fans in New York, and I appreciate the fans in New York,” said White. “Talking about the politicians…The biggest way you say f— you to the politicians in New York is you don’t have a show in New York. Are they hurting my business one bit? No.

“I just stayed in New York. I f—— ate in great restaurants. Loved the hotel I stayed in. Then I drove over here (to UFC 159 host state New Jersey). Took me about 30 minutes to get here, and I did a fight here that did a 2.7 million dollar gate, and all the things that happened over here, we gave the money to New Jersey.  New Jersey got all the money. 

“I still hung out in New York. I had a blast in New York. And guess what? The host hotel is here in New Jersey.  They got all the rooming nights, all the people that came over, people coming over to the hotel and getting all the fighters, everybody flew into New Jersey and we did it in New Jersey.  That’s the ‘f— you’ to the politicians in New York.”

Transcription by B/R