White: Blackzilians didn’t represent at UFC 156

Monday, February 04, 2013

The Blackzilians top two superstars were on display at UFC 156, with title shots at stake. Alistair Overeem returned from a nine-month PED suspension, and would have earned a shot at Cain Velasquez’ with a win over Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. Rashad Evans could have fearned a shot at Anderson Silva with a win over Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

Didn’t happen.

“Blackzilians didn’t represent [at UFC 156],” said UFC president Dana White. “It was a bad night for them. In the first round, [Overeem] was running into a clinch. He wasn’t throwing anything. Running into a clinch, his hands were down by his knees. Yeah, it was a weird fight.”

“I don’t know if he thought he could out-slick him and … I don’t know what he thought. He looked terrible. Both of them looked out of shape. Rashad did nothing but this all night (mimics catching jabs with hand). They had a bad night. They probably got to reevaluate some things in their camp.”

“[Overeem] looked terrible. Rashad’s a great fighter, Rashad looked terrible. Yeah, I agree [Melvin Guillard wasn’t good in his loss to Jamie Varner],” White said in closing. “They’ve got some work to do down there at Blackzilians. They’ve got some work to do. Vitor [looked good against Michael Bisping], but they didn’t look good.”

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