White: Cris Cyborg commited professional suicide signing with Tito

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Dana White At the UFC 168 World Tour: Rio media scrum UFC president Dana White stopped holding back his real feelings about Tito Ortiz, and instead simply spoke his mind.

Reporter: Cris Cyborg said she expect to fight Honda Housey next year, at a catchweight. What’s the chances of that happening?

Dana White:  “Slim to none. She’s got a dummy running her business who can’t run his own business.”

“The last thing I would do, ever, is do anything with that knucklehead… She literally committed professional suicide.

“The dumbest in the sport, literally. Literally the dumbest guy in the sport, who has destroyed his own career – she has him guide her career. It makes no sense.

“The dumbest human being to ever be involved in the sport. But you know what? If you want to say that he’s good at anything, he’s good at keeping people talking about him.

“The most irrelevant fighter on the f—ing planet. Seriously you guys – he has not won a fight in years. He can’t beat anybody. He literally can’t beat anybody. Cyborg would f—ing knock him out. Literally the most irrelevant guy, but still has people talking about him. So for as stupid as he is, and as irrelevant as he is, he’s very good at keeping people talking about him.”

(30:50 mark)