White: Diaz should have been penalized

Monday, March 18, 2013

Throughout this fight with Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158, Nick Diaz tried to get into the head of his opponent and rope him into a brawl. Diaz shoved GSP after the bell ended the first round, and also took a swing at him after the second round ended as well. UFC President Dana White commented on the situation at the post-fight press conference:

“In my opinion, the ref should have taken a point away right there. That wasn’t like, oops, I didn’t hear the bell.  It was intentional and it should have been a point,” said White during the UFC 158 post-fight press conference.

Diaz denied that he was actually trying to hit St-Pierre after the bell.

“I didn’t really try to take that shot.  I just threw it across his face. I know it sounds like some (expletive), but I really wasn’t going to hit him with that.  I was just being really mean out there because I wanted him to try to hurt me, try to finish me,” said Diaz during the post-fight press conference.

Diaz’s antics usually entail talking to his opponents, taunting them and an occasional obscene gesture in an attempt to bait them into attacking.

“That’s his style.  His whole style is to either get in your head to intimidate you or get in your head to get you to fight his kind of fight and play his game.  That’s what he does,” said White. “That’s definitely his style.”

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So UG, do you agree? Should Diaz have been penalized for this antics after the bell had rung at the end of those rounds?