White: Felice Herrig not kicked off TUF 20 on first day but…

Monday, July 07, 2014

TUF 19 may go down as the least motivated season ever. TUF 20 may go down as the most motivated. The all women's 115 strawweight series may prove to be the most motivated – the winner becomes the division's inaugural champion.

At the TUF 19 Finale, UFC president Dana White denied rumors that Felice Herrig had been kicked off the show the very first day of filming, but reported that she had been in an out of Octagon scrap with a cast member.

“I wouldn't say she almost got thrown off,” said White as transcribed by David St. Martin for MMAFighting. “But a fight broke out the first day.”

If the past is any indication, the fight was likely with Heather Clark; the pair engaged in a pre fight and a post fight scuffle at Bellator 94, and then engaged in an extended bitter Twitter quarrel.

White was enthusiastic about the season generally.

“I'm very excited,” he said. “It's like nothing we've ever done before. We have the top 16 women in the world in that weight class and it will crown a champion at the end of the season. It's different, it's exciting, it's new. The women go after it. The first day when they get in there, there's already been stuff. Half of them don't like each other. It's going to be a very interesting season.”

Coached by UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and#1 contender Gilbert Melendez, TUF 20 will premiere on FOX Sports 1 in September.