White: For whatever reason people don’t like Jon Jones

Thursday, September 19, 2013

UFC president Dana White says light heavyweight champion Jon Jones should go on to be the greatest UFC fighter in history, that he, like Floyd Mayweather, gets a bad rap. However, White concedes that for hard to pin down reasons, people often don’t like Jon Jones.

“I think Jon Jones is one of those guys that gets a bad rap from everybody else too, saying he’s too big for that division, he doesn’t deserve to be there, he should be in the f—— heavyweight division,” said White.

“If the guy makes 205 he’s a light heavyweight, okay? And all the criticism on how big he is… well now he’s fighting a guy who’s just as big as him, and has great stand up, has the reach, the leg reach, all the things that people have said that Jones always has over his opponents, this guy’s gonna have too. Which makes it very interesting…”

“Fighters are what they are. Jon Jones comes off as a heel because people don’t like him. For whatever reason people don’t like him, you know….”

White was asked if you can attribute it to racism?

“There’s plenty of black fighters,” said White. “People loved Rampage. People love Anderson. I don’t think it’s a black or a white thing. I think its something about his personality that people don’t like.”

“I think there’s no doubt that Jon Jones, if he continues the path that he’s on, he’s gonna break tons of records and he’s gonna possibly go down as the greatest ever.”

“He’s so young he’s still got to so many things he can accomplish and you know it’s like when you talk about breaking the record for most title defences in the light heavyweight division, if you look at the fighters that Jon Jones has fought in breaking that record, you might as well consider that record already broken.”

“The thing where Jones is very similar to Anderson Silva is that he does s— that nobody’s ever done before. If you look at what he did to Lyoto Machida… who does that to Machida ?”

“Nobody does that to Machida. It wasn’t even like it was on the ground, and he caught him in submission. He did that thing standing in a way that people were shocked when he went down.”

“Machida can put somebody out. Shogun is a killer who can put somebody out. Here’s the difference between Jones and a lot of other guys… nobody in the light heavyweight division has ever done what Jon Jones has done. You know what I mean…”

“I don’t care who has the record title defenses, they haven’t fought the guys that Jones has fought. Jones has walked through straight killers. Killers. His athleticism, his explosiveness, everything… he’s likely to go on to be the greatest ever.”

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