White: GSP could fight Silva or Hendricks next

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today UFC President Dana White had a scrum with the MMA media and discussed, among other things, what could be next for welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre:

“I am literally going to call Georges St. Pierre today and see what he wants to do [next],” said White. “I think if Jon Jones beats Chael Sonnen [at UFC 159] then we have to wait [for the outcome of] Anderson Silva and his fight against Chris Weidman. Maybe [Georges] wants to fight Anderson if he wins [at UFC 162].”

“If Georges says to me, ‘I want to fight Anderson,’ do you think I’m going to go, ‘No you’re not, you’re fight Johny Hendricks!'” White said.

“It would not vacate the 170-pound title if he lost that fight [to Anderson],” White said. “He could still go down [after a loss to Silva] and fight Hendricks for the [Welterweight] title.”

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