White: Gina Carano return would be ‘cool’

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Earlier this month former Strikeforce middleweight (145) champion Gina Carano was asked point blank by SBNation’s Matt Ufford, “Are you done fighting?”

“I haven’t fought in three years,” replied Carano. “Right now I’m focusing on films and bringing my physicality and emotions to…  that’s what my focus is, so I think that if your focus is fighting, you’re a fighter and that’s not my focus right now.”

Matt Ufford: “So I can take this to Ariel Helwani, MMAFighting – ‘officially done.'”

Gina Carano: “You can’t say that. I wake up every morning and surprise myself, and I wake up to a new me every day. I still train.”

MU: “When was the last time you sparred?”

GC: “Probably two weeks ago, actually. and it felt really good because I felt free to not feel like I’m training for anything but to just train and love it again.”

At the UFC 157 post-fight news conference, UFC president Dana White expressed happiness for her current position as an actress, and said she would be welcome back.

“Gina’s got her thing,” said White. “I’m happy for her. Good for her. She hasn’t told me, but I heard that she said she’d be interested in coming back. I’m not going to push her. I think it would be pretty cool if she wanted to come back.”

“Gina’s a movie star, man. Gina’s out making movies. I actually liked that she made it, and she went on and she’s doing movies and things. I like that. I like to see that happening.”

Carano’s return would be problematic at present, as the UFC is focusing on the 135 pound division, and Carano had to struggle mightily to make the 140 catchweight that Strikeforce created for her.

Still, a sport can dream, right?