White: I could give a s--t where Bellator goes

June 12, 2014

Last month the UFC announced a September 5th show at Mohegan Sun, which 'coincidentally' is the same night a Bellator event at Foxwoods, ten minutes away.

Today during a media scrum, Dana White spoke to the media and had strong words for the rival promotion:

“If you guys really think we look at Bellator and give a s–t what’s going on or what they’re doing, we don’t,” White told MMAjunkie. “That’s just the date that we landed on. We get the dates from FOX – we don’t pick our own dates, we get the dates. They give us the dates they need us to go on, and it’s determined by what other programming they have or what’s going on that night.

“There’s nights where we’re going to fall on the same night as World Series of Fighting, too. And I’ve got no beef with those guys. I don’t give a s–t what night Bellator goes on.”

Since Bellator moved to the UFC’s previous television platform on Spike TV in January 2013, White has rarely spoken highly of the promotion and CEO Bjorn Rebney.

The root of his disdain could come from a variety of issues, but regardless of his personal feelings, White remains adamant about one thing: He doesn’t see Bellator as competition.

“They make no difference to me whatsoever,” White said. “The day I start worrying about what Bellator (is doing), or thinking, ‘We’re going to go on the same night as Bellator ’cause I want to crush them’ … they’re getting crushed already by themselves. They can go on their own f—ing date anywhere and it’s not like me going on the same night is going to do any damage to Bellator that wasn’t already done.

“I could give a s–t where Bellator goes. What night, what day, whatever. It’s not like Bellator’s out there killing it and we’re going to going to go in and take some away. I mean, it’s just stupid to even think that. We end up on the same night as many different sporting events, sometimes boxing events we land on the same nights. There’s tons of events and tons of MMA organizations. I could give a s–t about them.”

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