White: ‘I had a little beef with the Palms’

Monday, November 19, 2012

First the UFC quietly moved the TUF Finale from its traditional home at the Palms Casino Resort to Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Then rumors arose that it happened because the Palms had halved White’s credit limit.

This was followed by a piece in the Las Vegas Review Journal that touched on White hyper generous spending and tipping habits.

One of the Palms’ biggest gamblers since it opened 11 years ago, White’s tipping habits were legendary.

“He changed people’s lives,” said one of the sources.

Dealers and wait staff were among the hardest hit by White’s departure. During one two-month hot streak, White tipped dealers more than $100,000, sources confirmed.

“Anytime he came in, we knew it was a big payday,” a Palms employee said.

A regular at N9NE Steakhouse, White routinely ran up dinner tabs of $15,000-$20,000 and tossed in $10,000 tips. That happened three or four or times a week, the sources said.

“He rarely accepted comps, not just at the Palms but all over Vegas,” one source said.

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This lead to head scratching about why a casino would cut the credit limit on a big spender?

UGer CindyO asked White what was behind the story, and it turns out the credit limit was imposed not for losing too much, but for winning too big.

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I asked DW what happened and he said it was because he kicked their asses by winning BIG a few times within a short period of time so they chopped his limit (he’s aggressive in his bets) in half. This isn’t the first casino that has done this to him and I doubt it’ll be the last.


Now comes word from White himself, via MMAJunkie.com.

“I had a little beef with the Palms, and I ripped the UFC out of there,” said White with a chuckle.