White: Jones was being ‘a little diva’

Monday, January 07, 2013

“The PR department hates me,” he said. “They’re always pissed at me. I’m always saying stuff before [I should].

That’s a little diva there — being treated like a piece of meat?” White continued shortly thereafter. “I think [Jones] was being a diva. It is what it is.”

White quickly moved on to talk about other issues, but he made no excuses or apologies for the way in which he handles his business behind closed doors or in the public eye. It’s a recipe for success that has turned a questionable $2 million investment into a $1 billion empire (maybe even much more).

“We’re pretty honest and open,” he said. “I’m lucky I can do it my way. I can do things the way I want and still have relationships with FOX, Bud Light and all the other people we deal with.”

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