White: Mayweather would get ‘murdered’ in the UFC

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

UFC President Dana White was a guest on the late night Aresenio Hall show and when Hall asked him how the best boxer in the world would do in the UFC, he was quite matter of fact:

He'd get murdered. He'd get murdered in the UFC. Here's the thing: These guys always talk about this crossover stuff — and Floyd's going to go crazy because I said that, too now — but the bottom line is the disrespect these guys show for each other's sports.

My guys thinking they could go over and box and Floyd thinking he could come over here in the UFC. It's like, you go to a knife fight with a guy and the other guy has got guns and chains and crowbars. There's so many more weapons in the UFC than there are in boxing, so it makes no sense.

transcribed by Yahoo.com…