White: Meniere’s Disease ‘100% cured’ after stem cell procedure

Thursday, April 18, 2013

UFC President Dana White has been battle Meniere’s diesease for over a year. The disease is an inner ear disorder that affects balance and hearing and does not have any known cure. White underwent a procedure earlier this year that did not help, but told Jay Mohr today on ESPN radio, that he recently underwent another procedure in Germany that seems to have done the trick:

White revealed to Mohr that he had a stem cell procedure done in Germany following the UFC on FUEL TV 9 card that has cured him. Apparently a conversation White had with New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez prompted him to check out stem cell procedures done in Germany that could ease the symptoms of the disease which is currently known to have no cure.

“Well, A-Rod from the Yankees, hit me up and told me that when he was hurt Kobe called him and they both went to Germany and did this stem cell stuff. Right. So he says listen bro, I don’t know if this is going to help you, but I’ll tell you what it’s worth a shot. Well long story short, we had the fight out to Sweden. I went to Germany. I got the stem cells. Dude, I am 100 percent cured.

“I am 100 percent a new guy, man. I’m working out again. I’m doing all the things that I used to do. I’m traveling. My life is back,” White said. “All they do is they go in there, they take your blood, they incubate it, they spin it and add stuff to it. I don’t know what the hell they do, I’m no scientist. I’m a million bucks now, man. I couldn’t feel better.”

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