White: NSAC will ‘bury’ Wanderlei Silva

Friday, June 13, 2014

Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) wants to know why UFC light heavyweight Wanderlei Silva allegedly declined to take a surprise drug test. He has been summonsed to a meeting on Tuesday, June 17, where sanctions against him, if any will be decided, whether he shows or not.

Silva has offered an explanation via YouTube, citing “big confusion,” but the video satisfied very few, including UFC president Dana White.

“'Wait, let me get my lawyer on the phone,” mimicked White at the UFC 174 pre-fight media scrum. “Let me get some type of translator here to see what's going on.' I love Wanderlei. Wanderlei has always been a great guy. You don't walk out on a drug test, especially in Nevada.”

White previously said Silva will not be released, but, White predicted the NSAC is going to make an example of “The Axe Murder.” White said he thought what Silva did would be looked up as worse than Chael Sonnen taking the test willingly, and failing.

“I think the Wanderlei story is not going to end well,” said White as transcribed by David St. Martin. “You know how this commission is right now. Always, not just these guys, but always. When you get caught taking performance enhancing drugs you're gone for a year, or whatever the suspension is, but it's never good. I think, and I honestly know nothing about what's going to happen, but I would have to say they're probably going to make a serious example out of Wanderlei.”

“When the commission shows up to drug test you it is what it is. If you're doing something wrong you're going to get caught. Running from it just makes you guilty.”

“There's no way in hell they are letting him off,” said White. “No way in hell. They are going to bury Wanderlei Silva. In my humble opinion. They're going to bury him.”