White: Nick Diaz probably not fighting because he has ‘kickback’ money

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back in 2011 Nick Diaz famously lamented his financial state on a video.

“I’m over here driving a f—ing Honda,” said Daiz. “Because my s—‘s breaking down.”

That is apparently no longer the case, and UFC president Dana White attributes his improved finances to the length of his current retirement, as transcribed ny 5thround.

“He’s still an active fighter here in the UFC, but as far as I know, he’s just not interested in fighting right now,” said White during Thursday’s Google Hangout. “He doesn’t want a fight. Obviously, when Nick finally fought Georges St-Pierre, Nick Diaz made some money. So, Nick Diaz has some kickback money. He can probably take as long as he wants to fight again. I would assume that’s why.”

“You’re fighting to make a living. You’re fighting to pay your bills. You’re fighting to get things that you want out of life. With the money that Nick Diaz made in his last fight, I’m sure he’s got everything he wants right now.”

There is indeed documentary proof the dramatic change!

This series of adjacent images shows Nick Diaz before and after ‘kickback money,’ and the change is obvious.

Nick before kickback money:

Nick after kickback money (no romoshops)*:

So what do you think UG? Is Diaz staying retired as he made some kickback money? And how long will the retirement last?

*OK, there was one.