White: Palhares’ submission was really despicable

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rousimar Palhares submission of Mike Pierce would have been mostly an after thought after UFC 29, but since Palhares maliciously held the submission, it’s been the most talked about event of the past few weeks. Palhares was subsequently banned from the UFC for life and yesterday during a media event for UFC 166, Dana White called the act ‘really despicable’:

“He knew what he was doing that night,” Dana White said on FOX Sports Live on Wednesday.  “Apparently, there was some talk where Mike Pierce said some bad things and everything else. There is no place for that in this sport. You don’t hold a leglock that long while the guy is tapping and you know he is tapping. Especially that’s what Palhares is known for — he’s the best in the world in leglocks. What he did was wrong and really despicable what he did. He won’t be back. He can go fight with another organization. We don’t put up with that stuff here.”

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