White: STFU about uniforms, it’s like a f@$%ing hair salon

Friday, February 21, 2014

When UFC president Dana White floated the idea of a mandatory uniform last week, the sport got up in arms. Rumor had that UnderArmor had bought roots of fight, and the combined entity would become official. Further rumor said that the uniform will include mandatory fight shorts, walkout shirt, and hat. Space on the gear would apparently be provided for fighter sponsors, and perhaps for UFC sponsors, and well as of course the UFC brand and the apparel brand.

The issue raised far more questions than answers, most notably, what will fighters get paid for wearing branded apparel? And that fed into a general discussion about fighter compensation, much of which was negative about UFC management.

At a UFC 170 pre fight media event on Thursday, White reflected sagely on the matter.

“We have no uniform deal,” said White as transcribed by MMAMania. “We haven't announced a uniform deal. We said it's something that we're looking into. There's no f—ing uniform deal. It's unbelievable. We announced no uniform deal, there is no deal, but people are bitching about it. Shut the f— up, everybody.

“When we get a deal done and I come out and announce it, lay out the rules and tell you how it goes, things like that, if that day ever comes, then we can bitch about things and argue about things. Money lost, money made … it's f—ing ridiculous. There is no deal and we're talking about something that doesn't even exist.

“It's like a fucking hair salon.”