White: Silva called for specific request. Potential superfight with Jones?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Recently the big superight on most people’s minds has been middleweight champion Anderson Silva verus welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, but GSP hasn’t seemed to keen on the idea. Another potential, and even bigger superight, could be between Silva and light heayvweight champion Jon Jones.

Silva will defend his title in July and with Jones out with a toe injury, the timing might just be right, and Silva himself seems to have expressed interest in the bout, well maybe:

According to White, Silva had a specific request, but he wouldn’t divulge it.

“It’s not important,” he said. “It doesn’t matter who he wants to fight. He’s got to fight Weidman first. If he doesn’t beat Weidman, what difference does it make? The fight isn’t even real. Who he wants to fight doesn’t matter. He better want to fight Weidman right now.”

Given the timing of the call — roughly around the same time Jon Jones knocked off Chael Sonnen — it seems natural to think that Silva is finally interested in facing the UFC light-heavyweight champ. But even when pressed, White refused to tip his hand.

“You guys can assume whatever you want,” he said. “Assume away.”

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