White: Steve Mazzagatti is dangerous

Sunday, June 16, 2013

At the UFC 161 media scrum, UFC president Dana White directed perhaps his most pointed remarks to date at referee Steve Mazzagatti, who has come under fire from various quarters for his officiating (3:14 mark).

Many of White’s remarks centered on Mazzagatti’s officiating of Friday’s Josh Burkman vs. Jon Fitch headliner at WSoF 4.


“Does anyone disagree with me that Mazzagatti’s a f@$%ing toolbox?” asked White bluntly.

“i mean he literally did nothing,” said White. “Fitch is out, cold. And I saw some people talking $#!* on the Internet, today, like, ‘Oh, BJ Penn held a choke for five more seconds, and somebody else, I can’t remember  who… Rear naked chokes… This f@$%ing choke…” said White, demonstrating a Guillotine. “Anybody who has ever done any Jiu-Jitsu, that thing does f@$%ing damage, it hurts, and a guy’s unconscious and you’re squeezing his neck, all this $#!* right here, as hard as you can.’

“You’re a f@$%ing idiot to think that a rear  naked choke is the exact same as that front choke. And literally, when he goes limp, and he’s out, then he rolls him f@$%ing over, let’s his head f@$%ing flop to the thing, then stands up over him – he’s literally like this standing over him before Mazzagatti f@$%ing gets in the picture.”

“The Nevada State Athletic Commission is going to keep this guy around until he seriously hurts somebody. That guy is dangerous. He’s dangerous.”

Ariel Helwani then noted that Mazzagatti was likely to be reffing at the next UFC in Las Vegas when White interjected.

“They’ll make him the main event now. Now because I said this, the Nevada State Athletic Commission will give him the Silva fight.”

Helwani then said that in effect no one was policing the police, describing the situation as ‘corrupt.’

“It is not corrupt when you talk about the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and the fact that they keep doing this.” corrected White. “It’s complete and total ego… Because I keep complaining, they will put him front and center, which is disgusting. It’s disgusting. At what point do you realize that this guy is an incompetent fool. And he’s going to hurt somebody.

“So I wonder what’s going to happen when somebody gets seriously hurt in a Mazzagatti fight. What are they going to write it off to? ‘Oh, you know, anything can happen, this is a combat sport, anything can happen.’

“This guy is dangerous.”

White was asked if he could request that Mazzagatti not work on his show.

“Ican’t,” said White. “Fighters can.

Helwani asked if White would ask fighters to ask the NSAC to not use Mazzagatti?

“That’s not right of me,” replied White. “If a fighter feels comfortable with Steve Mazzagatti… let me tell you what, if I was a fighter? And I showed up that night and it said Steve Mazzagatti, I’d be of f@$%ing hell no. One of two things are going to happen tonight. Either I am going to get hurt, or this guy is going to do something stupid and screw up my fight.”

“But I would never tell a fighter to do that. It’s up to a fighter to do that.”

You can catch a replay of the controversial finish at the 4:23 mark:

Dana White’s complete interview below: