White: Superfights are dead, destroyed

Friday, November 15, 2013

For a while, there was talk of GSP fighting Anderson Silva, in Cowboys Stadium. This sparked talk of Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones. And when Silva voiced a definite preference for the 35 lbs smaller St-Pierre, that sparked lots more talk. With Anderson Silva declining a fight with Jon Jones , a matchup between Jones and then champion Junior dos Santos was floated. Then the superfight talk floated down to the lighter weights, most notably Jose Aldo.

And then Anderson Silva lost to Chris Weidman. And then Anderson said he wanted a superfight, boxing Roy Jones Jr.

Now the whole idea of superfights appears dead. UFC president Dana White discussed the subject during Thursday’s media scrum.

“This whole superfight thing has been destroyed,” said White. “I think it’s dead now. It was fun for a little while. I think it’s over.”

What do you think UG? Did you ever like the idea of a superfight? If you still do, what would you make?