White: Tate beating Rousey would second biggest upset ever

Friday, December 27, 2013

In Dana White’s opinion, Matt Serra defeated Georges St-Pierre was the biggest upset in the promotion’s history. And if Miesha Tate were to defeat Ronda Rousey at UFC 168, it would the second biggest upset ever:

“Even if Miesha Tate beats Ronda Rousey I would still have to say when Matt Serra beat Georges St-Pierre, that’s got to be the biggest upset ever in UFC history,” White told FOX Sports Live on Thursday night.

What Tate can accomplish with a win over Rousey is jump over other notable upsets like Gonzaga defeating Cro Cop or 40-plus year old Randy Couture coming out of retirement and winning the UFC heavyweight title after 12 months away from the sport.

“It’s No. 2 for sure,” White said where Tate beating Rousey would fit in the all time UFC upset list.

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What does the UG think? Do you think White’s pick for biggest upset is correct, and would Tate beating Rousey be second on your list?