White: This year we’ll go to Russia

Monday, January 28, 2013

UFC President Dana White believes the company will make its way to Russia sometime in 2013 for its first live event there.

White believes in the case of Russia, the UFC will host an event there first before trying out something like a “TUF” season.

“I would say this year (we’ll go to Russia),” said White. “I think what’s going to go on in Russia is we’ll put on a live event there first (before an ‘Ultimate Fighter’ season). We’ll do a live event in Russia, and just like every other event we’ve done, you do the live event and it explodes.”

“Mixed martial arts is already big over there. Sambo is big over there. (We’ll do a live event) and then we’ll see where the market goes from there.”

White said the UFC will continue to scout talent from Russia.

“We’re always looking for the best guys no matter where they’re from – every country.”

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