White: Tito, I remember punching your head in, you puss

Friday, August 30, 2013

UFC president Dana White and UFC Hall of Famer have been having words for over half the sport’s history, and it shows signs only of accelerating. The latest came when Tito posted on Twitter.

Tito Ortiz @titoortiz

White, who never met a fight he didn’t like, shot back.

Dana White @danawhite
that’s me when I was young and skinny and would punch ur head in while sparring cause u were a “champ” that didn’t like getn hit.

Then it spilled over to teh UG.

Bellator Fan
I remember back when Dana was trying to deny that he was a boxercise instructor.

White replied reliably.

From: dfw jr
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I never denied that I taught boxing classes fuckface

The UG continued to pile on, with Frankiscool, whose start date is older than yours is, posting this image:

Back on Twitter, Tito offered an apology for the slave remarks.

Tito Ortiz @titoortiz
About the slavery comment I get really emotional when ppl ask how i feel about Dana and I said something I shouldn’t have. If I offended anyone I apologize for what I said. It was uncalled for.

And then things got back to normal.

Tito Ortiz @titoortiz
@danawhite you must of forgot where u came from! And 1,2,3, punch! Lets go GIRLS!

Dana White @danawhite
@titoortiz I Remember punching ur head in and watchin u roll around crying cause chuck hit u to the body and u quitting like the puss u are

Tito Ortiz @titoortiz
@danawhite I remember winning world titles when you were teaching girls how to box. And 1,2,3 punch.

Dana White @danawhite
@titoortiz u were winning titles and gettin punched silly by a box aerobics instructor.