White: Vitor Belfort unjustly beat down over TRT

Monday, June 17, 2013

At the UFC 161 post fight media scrum, UFC president Dana White was asked about Vitor Belfort extraordinary wheel kick KO of Luke Rockhold being overshadowed by discussion of the Belfort’s use of sanctioned Testosterone Replacement Therapy. White further addressed fan chatter that the promotion was “vommission shopping” and avoiding North American ACs that would prohibit Belfort from using TRT.

“I think that Vitor has been unjustly beat down for the TRT thing,” said White. “I agree with what Luke Rockhold said ‘TRT didn’t spinning kick me in the head.’ It was a great move. You have got to be talented to land that kick the way he did, and Vitor’s been working hard.

“The one thing  – you guys know how I feel about TRT – but he’s done everything the right way and been within the limits he’s supposed to be in.”

An interviewer then suggested that the matter might be put to rest if Belfort fought in the USA, and had his TRT okayed by a North American Athletic Commission.

“He will end up fighting in the States,” said White. “He’s been fighting in Brazil because he does well in Brazil. There’s no conspiracy.

“First of all, have we ever done anything slimy – seriously – in 13 years? Like, ‘Let’s keep him in Brazil so nobody…’ I f—ing hate unfair people who cheat, putting guys in a position where they’re at a disadvantage. I hate that stuff. I want fights to happen evenly, and for the best guy to win, and that’s why I was so pissed off about the TRT thing, because I felt like people were cheating. Felt like people are getting jacked up during their training.

“One guy’s fighting on his natural abilities, the other guy’s getting jacked up, he recovers faster, he’s stronger, he’s more explosive. He has a much better training camp than the guy who’s natural. And then he gets his levels back down before the fight. That’s what was pissing me off.”

“I would never, and Lorenzo would never put a guy down in Brazil because we think he’ll pass down there and won’t pass somewhere else,” he said. “And the guys that regulate Brazil are the same f—ing guys who pulled Gustafsson out of the fight for the cut. Same guys. And it’s not like I was a big fan of their decision in Holland. So it’s not like they’re doing me any favors or we have some yahoo buddy-buddy relationship like the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

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Transcription courtesy of MMAJunkie