White: Who gives a $#!@ what Tito wants?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tito Ortiz was the ninth person to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, in 2012:

Royce Gracie • November 21, 2003 
Ken Shamrock • November 21, 2003     
Dan Severn • April 16, 2005)     
Randy Couture • June 24, 2006
Mark Coleman • March 1, 2008    
Chuck Liddell     July 11, 2009    
Charles Lewis, Jr. • July 11, 2009
Matt Hughes • May 29, 2010    
Tito Ortiz • July 7, 2012   
Forrest Griffin • July 6, 2013   
Stephan Bonnar • July 6, 2013

However, following his submission victory over Alexander Shlemenko at UFC 120, Tito Ortiz declared that he wants to be uninducted.

“UFC, take me off your list,” said Ortiz. “Take me off your Hall of Fame.”

Thursday UFC president Dana White offered a blunt response.

“Who gives a s— what Tito wants?” said White when asked by MMAFighting.com. “Does anybody really give a s— what Tito wants?”

“Good for Tito. Let him stay over in Viacom MMA and make some money and try and stay relevant. I don't care what Tito wants.”

“It's just sort of a way to honor the guys who have been here, and the way that we've done it, the guys who have been here since we've owned it, other than Coleman and Royce. Everybody's honored, and Tito was all pumped up the day he went in. He showed up with his white suit and his white shirt and his white tie.”

The dispute then shifted to Twitter.

 Tito Ortiz@titoortiz
@DanaWhite on @TitoOrtiz's @UFC Hall of Fame request: 'Who gives a s—?” – http://sbn.to/1gUVb73  “I guess he doesn't care about the fans “

 Dana White @danawhite
@BiggestOrtizFan @jaymanSLC @titoortiz Tito is a drama queen and loves to talk about the UFC. He is in a new Org now. Talk about them dummy

Tito Ortiz @titoortiz
@danawhite @BiggestOrtizFan @jaymanSLC me?I haven't said a word about you for a year.Then you say u can kick my ass!The power is getting 2 U

 Tito Ortiz @titoortiz
@danawhite the low blow BS take me off the HOF &LHW win list.Then the week of my fight u put up the Best of Ortiz on http://vault/ufc.com

@titoortiz @danawhite – Dana we had a great chat this week. Please call Tito. Life is to short. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.