White: Woodley chokes in big fights

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Before UFC 174, Tyron Woodley was making a case that he should receive the next title fight. When the Matt Brown vs. Robbie Lawler fight materialized, Woodley took a fight against Rory MacDonald hoping to secure his number one contender place. Unfortunately for Woodley, instead of proving his place, he 'choked' according to Dana White:

“[Rory MacDonald] dominated Woodley tonight. He shut Woodley down and made Woodley look like he didn't even belong in there. He choked in the big fight tonight. He needed to come and out and try to rip that head off in the third round he didn't even do that. He threw a few punches, missed, and just sorta set back into the way he fought the rest of the fight. He got beat tonight. He got beat mentally, he got beat physically, he's got a ways to go. Seems like he chokes in the big fights.”

Woodley is 15-3 in his professional career, and those three loses have been in three big fights. First to Nate Marquardt for the Strikeforce title, and then to Jake Shields and Rory MacDonald in bouts that could potentially have put him in title contention.