White agrees with Zingano/Tate stoppage

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

At the TUF 17 finale referee Kim Winslow stopped the bout in the third round as Zingano landed several hard knees and elbows on Miesha Tate. The media was in the middle, but Tate argued the stoppage was early and Zingano that the stoppage was correct. UFC President sided with the later, as he told John Morgan of MMAJunkie.com

“Her hand might have been down for a second,” White said. “First of all, it’s a stupid rule anyway. It’s the dumbest rule in the sport, number one. Number two, the referee was right there while the fight was going on. Not that that’s one of my favorite referees – there’s a lot that that referee doesn’t see – but I do not agree that was a bad stoppage. It was a good stoppage. Was it illegal, what happened? If she saw it or didn’t see it, that fight needed to be stopped either way in my opinion.”

With the win, Zingano now receives a UFC title shot in her second bout with the promotion. Tate falls back in the pack, but White has often expressed his admiration for her as a fighter and isn’t likely to drop too far down the rankings. A rematch could certainly be in order at some point, but White simply doesn’t believe there should be any controversy.

“I’m not a big fan of the ref who reffed that fight; there’s a lot of stuff that that referee doesn’t see,” White said. “But I have absolutely no beef whatsoever with that stoppage.”

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