White goes off on MMA journalist’s article on Twitter

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Earlier today, MMAJunkie journalist Ben Fowlkes published an interesting piece on the marketability of Renan Barao, who just might be the best pound for pound fighter on the UFC roster. As is common, Fowlkes tweeted out his article, but UFC President Dana White caught wind of the title 'The hard sell: Renan Barao is the world's best fighter' and wasn't exactly fond of the piece:

@danawhite: @benfowlkesMMA if you don't know how good Renan is u should cover another sport

@luckybestwash: @danawhite @benfowlkesMMA I don't think that's at all what he's saying, Dana.

@danawhite: to tell us” pretty  stupid statement. He is ranked number 3 P4P and hasn't lost in 9 years.

@M_Morgunoff: @danawhite @benfowlkesMMA Dana, he isn't questioning Barao's skills inside the cage. He is questioning if his skills are marketable.

@danawhite: @M_Morgunoff @benfowlkesMMA what does “marketable” mean? He's a BAD ASS who fishes people. If ur a fight fan he's what u are looking for.

@ltw0303: @danawhite  these people that cover your sport love it, they aren't here to make your life miserable, don't be a bully be better then that

@danawhite: @ltw0303 bully, these idiots say stupid shit to get hits. No more journalists

@LenBarson: @danawhite You can just admit you didn't read the article. Its OK.

@danawhite: @LenBarson I don't read any of them