White ‘happy’ to see Pat Barry retire

Friday, January 31, 2014

UFC heavyweight Pat Barry recently announced an indefinite leave from MMA and was released from his contract. At a UFC 169 media scrum, UFC president Dana White declared he loves to see fighters retire when they have suffered a few knockouts. Barry lost three of his last four by KO or TKO.

Trent Reinsmith has the story.

“I'm happy,” said White. “Pat Barry is a guy who's been in wars. He's fun to watch fight, but it gets to a point where when a guy gets knocked out a few times I would love to see them retire.”

“So many fighters that I've had conversations with really, really like Pat Barry, and really care about the guy. Brock Lesnar doesn't f—ing like anybody, but he really likes Pat Barry and has a lot of respect for Pat Barry. If Brock Lesnar likes you, holy s—, you're doing really good. You must be a really f—ing good guy.”

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However, while Barry is done with MMA, at least for the time being he is apparently moving back to his base of kickboxing, where the head trauma is notably higher.

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